Chemical guys torq foam cannon,

Chemical Guys ACC_326 – Torq Foam Blaster 6 Foam Wash Gun

About Torq Foam Blaster 6:


Chemical guys torq foam cannon,

Torq Foam Blaster 6 Price: $53.08


You may find Torq foam blaster gun style ACC_326 at a lower price from other sellers but they may not offer free Prime shipping.


Torq foam blaster gun is available in six different styles.

  • ACC_326 for $53.08
  • HOL126 for $89.99
  • HOL148 for $99.99
  • HOL169 for $94.99
  • HOL 148 20-Piece 1 option from $171.89
  • HOL 169 20-Piece 1 option from $171.89


If you have a luxury or family car and also you want to keep it look beautiful you need to clean or wash your car well. Torq foam blaster 6 foam wash gun makes your car’s cleaning easier and faster now. You can easily hook it up to any standard hose, so the torq foam blaster 6 doesn’t require any additional tools or machines to produce foamy for cleaning.
However, for scratchless wash use Detailer’s Secret Car wash foam which is the professional’s washer foam. The Torq foam blaster foam gun gives a foam bubble bath for your car wash. Bathing a car with the help of smooth foam removes rough dirt particles gently moreover without damaging the car’s paintwork.

In fact, most of the scratches nearly 90% come to your car by using improper tools or techniques of washing and drying. Using a balanced amount of slick car wash can minimize the chances of scratches and damage to paintwork hence, it is more efficient.  Also, you can adjust the concentration of water and soap by the foam gun. By doing a perfect concentration you can save soap and water, depending on how dirty your car is. For this purpose, simply adjust the dilution ratio of the soapy foam and water sprayed from the nozzle. Chemical guys torq foam cannon is not only used by professionals but also by beginners because it is a first-class car care product. Indeed, Chemical guys, detailer’s are a lifestyle, not just a brand. People love to use our product and we love to provide them quality services.


foam cannon,


Key Features of Torq Foam Blaster 6:

  • Foamy Fun
  • The Detailer’s Secret Wash Foam.
  • Scratchless Wash.
  • Adjustable Concentration of Foam.
  • Branded Car Care Product.
  • Customer Satisfaction

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