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Rusk W8less Dryer – Professional Hair Dryer- 2000 Watt

About Rusk W8less Dryer:


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Rusk W8less Dryer Price: $79.95

Professional Beauty Product:

One of the professional beauty products categorized by amazon and recommended by hair specialists, stylists, and beauty experts.

is Rusk hair dryer good?

Rusk w8less dryers are used by professionals such as salons, spas, and dermatology experts.


People are more modernized now than in the past. They want to look charming every time so they are now focusing on personal grooming. In grooming, everyone wants a decent hairstyle especially females. After a decent hair cut to get a decent hair look everyone uses hair dryers of different types. Many hair dryers can affect when you are blowing hot air toward your head and sometimes quite fast. There are minor differences between hair dryers(model differences) that make a huge difference overall, especially in daily use. After huge research, we find out that few dryers are far more pleasant to hold and use than others. Also, we find that Rusk W8less is the best choice for many people. Because of this price range, the Rusk W8less Dryer provides an excellent experience.

Speed and Heat are the two features that matter for drying hair efficiently, Rusk W8less has a speed of 50 mph and 150 °F hot airflow, which makes it one of the hottest and fastest dryers. The weight of the Rusk hair dryer is less than a pound, it has the longest an 8-foot cord which makes it comfortable to hold. Overall it has the best variety of features. If you compare Rusk hairdryers with other dryers that are too expensive from Rusk hair dryers. The Rusk W8less comes with a concentrator, which used for hair straightening. Rusk engineering w8less professional 2000 watt dryer diffuser also used for curly hairs, you must include a diffuser if you have curly hairs which generally costs you more.


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Key Features of Rusk W8less Dryer:

  • High speed and heat (speed of 50 mph and 150 °F hot airflow).
  • Lighter in weight (less than a pound)
  • Long cord (approx 8 foot)
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Recommended by professionals
  • Variety of features


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